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Reserve Books by Course Number

Reserves by Course Number
Course Title Year Edition
ACC 101, ACC 102 Financial and managerial accounting / Carl S. Warren, Professor Emeritus of Accounting, University of Georgia, Athens, James M. Reeve, Professor Emeritus of Accounting, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Jonathan E. Duchac, Professor of Accounting, Wake Forest University. 2014 12e [edition].
ACC 202 Cost accounting : a managerial emphasis / Charles T. Horngren, Stanford University, Srikant M. Datar, Harvard University, Madhav V. Rajan, Stanford University. 2015 Fifteenth edition.
AFS 231 From slavery to freedom : a history of African Americans / John Hope Franklin, Evelyn Higginbotham. 2011 9th ed.
ART 110 Figure drawing : the structure, anatomy, and expressive design of human form / Nathan Goldstein ; foreword by Jack Beal. 2011 7th ed.
ART 201 Hands in clay / Charlotte F. Speight, John Toki. 2004 5th ed.
ASL 121, ASL 122 Sign language vocabulary for technical terminology : English, theater, communication: audiology and speech & language, career education / Frank Caccamise. 2001
ASL 121, ASL 122 Signs for legal and social work terminology / Frank Caccamise, Marilyn Mitchell, June Reeves, Shirley Herald, Daniel Burch. 1998
ASL 121, ASL 122 Signs for science and mathematics : a resource book for teachers and students / Frank Caccamise and Harry G. Lang. 2000 2nd ed.
BIO 123, BIO 124 Biology / Kenneth A. Mason, University of Iowa, Jonathan B. Losos, Harvard University, Susan R. Singer, Carleton College based on the work of Peter H. Raven, President Emeritus, Missouri Botanical Garden ; George Engelmann Professor of Botany Emeritus, Washington University, George B. Johnson, Professor Emeritus of Biology, Washington University. 2014 Tenth edition.
BIO 132 Biotechnology : an introduction / Susan R. Barnum. 2005 Updated 2nd ed.
BIO 211 Microbiology fundamentals : a clinical approach : laboratory manual : selected labs for Middlesex County College / Steven Obenauf, Broward College,  Susan Finazzo, Georgia Perimeter College. 2013
BIO 221 Prescott's microbiology / Joanne M. Willey, Hofstra University, Linda M. Sherwood, Montana State University, Christopher J. Woolverton, Kent State University. 2014 Ninth edition.
BUS 101 Business / William M. Pride, Robert J. Hughes, Jack R. Kapoor. 2012 11th ed.
BUS 115 Business mathematics worktext / Esther H. Highland, Charles Peselnick. 2000 2nd ed.
BUS 201, BUS 202 Business law : text and cases : legal, ethical, global, and corporate environment / Kenneth Clarkson, Roger LeRoy Miller, Frank B. Cross. 2012 12th ed.
CHM 010 Basic chemistry. 2011 3rd ed. / Timberlake & Timberlake.
CHM 020 Basic concepts of chemistry / Leo J. Malone, Theodore O. Dolter. 2010 8th ed.
CHM 107 Health science chemistry : an introduction to general, organic and biochemistry / Alan Sherman, Middlesex County College, Sharon J. Sherman, Rider University. 2013
CHM 121 Chemistry / Julia Burdge. 2011 2nd ed.
COM 105 Communication and human behavior / Brent D. Ruben, Lea P. Stewart. 2006 5th ed.
COM 115 Communication between cultures / Larry A. Samovar, Richard E. Porter, Edwin R. McDaniel ; assisted by Carolyn S. Roy. 2013 8th ed.
COM 121 Media and society : a critical perspective / Arthur Asa Berger ; with ill. 2012 3rd ed.
COR 207 Correctional theory and practice / edited by Clayton A. Hartjen, Edward E. Rhine. 1992
CSC 116 Cyber war : the next threat to national security and what to do about it / Richard A. Clarke and Robert K. Knake. 2012 1st Ecco pbk. ed.
CSC 116 Cybersecurity and cyberwar : what everyone needs to know / P.W. Singer and Allan Friedman. 2014
CSC 116 Extreme mean : trolls, bullies and predators online / Paula Todd. 2014
CSC 245 HTML, XHTML & CSS / by Elizabeth Castro. 2007 6th ed.
CSC 245, CSC 246, WEBP 004 Learning PHP and MySQL / Michele E. Davis and Jon A. Phillips. 2006 1st ed.
DAN 202 Dance, mind & body / Sandra Cerny Minton. 2003
DHY 111 DH notes : dental hygienist's chairside pocket guide / Renee G. Prajer, Gwen Grosso. 2011
DHY 114 Clinical aspects of dental materials : theory, practice, and cases / Marcia (Gladwin) Stewart, Michael Bagby. 2013 4th ed.
DHY 115 Foundations of periodontics for the dental hygienist / Jill S. Nield-Gehrig, Donald E. Willmann. 2011 3rd ed.
DHY 212 Ethics, jurisprudence & practice management in dental hygiene / Vickie J. Kimbrough-Walls, Charla J. Lautar. 2012 3rd ed.
ECO 201 Economics, then and now : macroeconomics edition / by Brian de Uriarte. 2009
ECO 201, ECO 202 Principles of economics / N. Gregory Mankiw. 2012 6th ed.
ECO 201, ECO 202 Principles of macroeconomics & microeconomics : ECO 201/202 with Connect access code / Middlesex County College. 2014
ECO 202 Economics, then and now : microeconomics edition / by Brian de Uriarte. 2009
ENG 009 Grassroots with readings : the writer's workbook / Susan Fawcett. 2012 10th Anniversary ed.
ENG 010 Evergreen : a guide to writing with readings / Susan Fawcett. 2011 9th ed.
ENG 010 A reader for college writers / Santi V. Buscemi. 2008 7th ed.
ENG 010 The writer's response : a reading-based approach to writing / Stephen McDonald, William Salomone. 2012 5th ed.
ENG 010, ENG 121 The basics : a rhetoric and handbook / Santi V. Buscemi, Albert H. Nicolai, Richard Strugala. 2005 4th ed.
ENG 121 The contemporary reader / [edited by] Gary Goshgarian. 2011 10th ed.
ENG 121 Keys for writers / Ann Raimes, with Maria Jerskey. 2011 6th ed.
ENG 121 Writing and reading across the curriculum / Laurence Behrens, Leonard J. Rosen. 2013 12th ed.
ENG 122 The conscious reader / [edited by] Caroline Shrodes, Michael Shugrue, Marc DiPaolo, Christian J. Matuschek. 2012 12th ed.
ENG 122 For whom the bell tolls. 1940
ENG 122 Hiroshima / John Hersey. 1989 1st Vintage Books ed.
ENG 122 The Marquis of Roccaverdina / by Luigi Capuana ; translated by Santi V. Buscemi. 2013
ENG 122 Night  / Elie Wiesel ; translated from the French by Marion Wiesel. 2006 1st ed. of this translation
ENG 122 Reading literature and writing argument / Missy James, Alan P. Merickel. 2013 5th ed.
ENG 122, RDG 011 My mother's shoes / Shirley Russak Wachtel. 2011
ENG 212 The Riverside anthology of children's literature / Judith Saltman. 1985 6th ed.
ENG 247 The poets of New Jersey : from colonial to contemporary / edited by Emanuel di Pasquale, Frank Finale, Sander Zulauf ; foreword by Stephen Dunn ; introduction by X.J. Kennedy. 2005 1st ed.
ESL 060 Listen to me! : beginning listening, speaking & pronuncation / Barbara H. Foley. 2010 3rd ed.
ESL 061 Pronunciation pairs : an introduction to the sounds of English / Ann Baker, Sharon Goldstein. 2008 2nd ed.
ESL 062 Side by side. Book 1. [Student book] / Steven J. Molinsky, Bill Bliss ; illustrated by Richard E. Hill. 2001 3rd ed.
ESL 064 Great sentences for great paragraphs / Keith S. Folse, University of Central Florida ; April Muchmore-Vokoun, Hillsborogh Community College ; Elena Vestri Solomon, Khalifa University of Science, Technology, and Research, UAE. 2014 Fourth edition
ESL 071 Pronunciation plus : practice through interaction : North American English / Martin Hewings, Sharon Goldstein. 1998
ESL 072 Person to person : communicative speaking and listening skills / Jack C. Richards, David Bycina, Ingrid Wisniewska. 2005 3rd ed.
ESL 073 Fundamentals of English grammar / Betty S. Azar, Stacy A. Hagen. 2011 4th ed.
ESL 074 The Longman Academic Writing, Level 2 : Paragraphs / Ann Hogue with Jennifer Bixby. 2014 Third edition.
ESL 075, ESL 085 College reading. 2006
ESL 083 Understanding and using English grammar. 2009 4th ed. / Azar & Hagen.
ESL 086 Focus on pronunciation. 2 / Linda Lane. 2013 3rd ed.
ESL 086 Speak out! : authentic communication activities for the intermediate and advanced ESL student / Ellen Measday, Lisa F. Knight. 2006 2nd ed.
ESL 091 Targeting pronunciation : communicating clearly in English / Sue F. Miller. 2007 2nd ed.
ESL 092 Focus on grammar. 4 / Marjorie Fuchs, Margaret Bonner. 2012 4th ed.
ESL 094 Reader's choice / Sandra Silberstein, Barbara K. Dobson, Mark A. Clarke. 2008 5th ed.
FMR 201 Know your merchandise : for retailers and consumers / Isabel B. Wingate, Karen R. Gillespie ; contributor, Mary E. Barry. 1984 5th ed.
FRE 121, FRE 122 Entre amis : selected chapters with student activites manual : Middlesex County College, French 121-122 / Michael D. Oates, Larbi Oukada. 2013 6th ed.
HCD 114 Yes, chef : a memoir / Marcus Samuelsson. 2012 1st ed.
HED 150 Introduction to health / Middlesex County College, Psychology. 2014
HED 200 Our sexuality / Robert Crooks, Karla Baur. 2014 Twefth edition.
HIS 121 The End of the Roman Empire : decline or transformation? / edited and with an introduction by Donald Kagan. 1992 3rd ed.
HIS 121 Problems in ancient history. 1975 2d ed.
HIS 121 Problems in European history. Norman F. Cantor & Samuel Berner, editors. 1970
HIS 121 The Reformation; basic interpretations. Edited and with an introd. by Lewis W. Spitz. 1972 2d ed.
HIS 121 The Reformation: material or spiritual? 1962
HIS 121 The Renaissance : basic interpretations / edited and with an introduction by  Karl H. Dannenfeldt. 1974 2d ed.
HIS 121 The Renaissance: medieval or modern? 1959
HIS 121 Western civilization : beyond boundaries / Thomas F.X. Noble ... [et al.]. 2011 6th ed.
HIS 122 The Berlin-Baghdad express : the Ottoman Empire and Germany's bid for world power / Sean McMeekin. 2010
HIS 122 The Black Death : the great mortality of 1348-1350 : a brief history with documents / John Aberth. 2005
HIS 122 Famine : a short history / Cormac âO Grâada. 2009
HIS 122 The First World War / John Keegan. 2000
HIS 122 Forgotten voices of the Great War / Max Arthur ; [introduction by Sir Martin Gilbert]. 2003
HIS 122 The great influenza : the epic story of the deadliest plague in history / John M. Barry. 2005
HIS 122 The greatest killer : smallpox in history, with a new introduction / Donald R. Hopkins. 2002
HIS 122 Guillotine / Robert Frederick Opie. 2006
HIS 122 The Gutenberg revolution : the story of a genius and an invention that changed the world / John Man. 2009
HIS 122 Plagues and peoples / William H. McNeill. 1989
HIS 122 Race, empire and First World War writing / edited by Santanu Das. 2011
HIS 122 Revolutionizing the sciences : European knowledge and its ambitions, 1500-1700 / Peter Dear. 2009 2nd ed.
HIS 122 Science and the practice of medicine in the nineteenth century / W.F. Bynum. 1994
HIS 122 The Vickers-Maxim machine gun / Martin Pegler. 2013
HIS 122 Western civilizations : their history & their culture / Joshua Cole and Carol Symes. 2013 Eighteenth edition.
HIS 122 World War I : The African front / Edward Paice. 2010 1st Pegasus Books trade pbk. ed.
HIS 124 Africa in history : themes and outlines / Basil Davidson. 1995 Rev. and expanded ed.
HIS 124 The Arabs in history / Bernard Lewis. 1993 6th ed.
HIS 124 Daily life of the Aztecs on the eve of the Spanish conquest. Translated from the French by Patrick O'Brian. 1970
HIS 124 Yucatan before and after the conquest / by Diego de Landa ; translated with notes by William Gates. 1978
HIS 132 World history volume II (Panorama) / Ross E. Dunn. 2014
HIS 202 Ancient Egypt; its culture and history [by] J. E. Manchip White. 1970
HIS 202 The Oxford history of ancient Egypt / edited by Ian Shaw. 2000
HIS 221 America and its peoples : a mosaic in the making / James Kirby Martin, Randy Roberts, Steven Mintz, Linda O. McMurry, James H. Jones. 2007 Study edition, fifth edition.
HIS 245 The world's wisdom : sacred texts of the world's religions / Philip Novak. 1994 1st ed.
HIS 260 The Armenian genocide [videorecording] / written, produced, and directed by Andrew Goldberg ; produced by Two Cats Productions in association with Oregon Public Broadcasting. 2006
HIS 260 Black dog of fate : a memoir / Peter Balakian. 1998 1st Broadway Books trade pbk. ed.
HIS 260 Death by design : science, technology, and engineering in Nazi Germany / edited by Eric Katz. 2006
HIS 260 Forgiving Dr. Mengele [videorecording] / produced and directed by Bob Hercules & Cheri Pugh ; co-produced and edited by David E. Simpson ; Media Process Educational Films. 2005
HIS 260 Inheritance [videorecording] : [a Nazi legacy and the journey to change it] / Allentown Productions ; a film by James Moll ; produced by Christopher Pavlick and James Moll, directed and edited by James Moll. 2008
HIS 260 The story of Blima, a Holocaust survivor / Shirley Russak Wachtel ; introduction by Beth Johnson. 2005
HIS 260 War & genocide : a concise history of the Holocaust / Doris L. Bergen. 2009 2nd ed.
MAD 107, MAD 108 Photography. 2013 Eleventh edition / London, Stone, Upton.
MAT 013 Beginning algebra / Sherri Messersmith, College of DuPage. 2012 Third edition.
MED 102 Bailey & Scott's diagnostic microbiology / Patricia M. Tille. 2014 Thirteenth edition.
MKT 143 Salesmanship : MKT 143 / Middlesex County College, Department of Business. 2014
NRB 121 Davis's comprehensive handbook of laboratory & diagnostic tests with nursing implications / Anne M. Van Leeuwen, Debra J. Poelhuis-Leth, Mickey Lynn Bladh. 2013 5th ed.
NRB 121 Davis's drug guide for nurses / April Hazard Vallerand, Cynthia A. Sanoski, Judith Hopfer Deglin ; with special contributions by Holly G. Mansell. 2015 Fourteenth edition.
NRB 121 Fundamentals success : a Q & A review applying critical thinking to test taking / Patricia M. Nugent, Barbara A. Vitale. 2012 3rd ed.
NRB 121 RNotes : nurse's clinical pocket guide / Ehren Myers. 2014 4th ed.
NRB 121 Taylor's handbook of clinical nursing skills / Pamela Lynn. 2011
NRB 121 Test success : test-taking techniques for beginning nursing students / Patricia M. Nugent, Barbara A. Vitale. 2012 6th ed.
NRB 121, NRB 222 Fundamentals of nursing : the art and science of nursing care / Carol R. Taylor ... [et al.]. 2011 7th ed.
NRB 121, NRB 222 Sparks and Taylor's nursing diagnosis reference manual / Sheila Sparks Ralph, Cynthia M. Taylor. 2014 9th ed.
NRB 121, NRB 222 Study guide for Fundamentals of nursing : the art and science of nursing care / Carol R. Taylor ... [et al.]. 2011 7th ed.
NRB 121, NRB 222 Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary. 1940
NRB 122, NRB 221, NRB 222 Henke's med-math : dosage calculation, preparation & administration / Susan Buchholz. 2012 7th ed.
NRB 221 Maternal and newborn success : a Q & A review applying critical thinking to test taking / Margot De Sevo. 2013 2nd ed.
NRB 221 Maternity and pediatric nursing / Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle, Susan Carman. 2013 2nd ed.
NRB 221 NCLEX-RN notes : core review & exam prep / Barbara A. Vitale. 2013 2nd ed.
NRB 221 OB/GYN peds notes : nurse's clinical pocket guide / Brenda Holloway, Cheryl Moredich. 2011 2nd ed.
NRB 221 Pediatric success : a course review applying critical thinking skills to test taking / Beth Richardson. 2010
NRB 221 Psych notes : clinical pocket guide. 2014 4th ed.
NRB 221 Psychiatric mental health nursing success : a Q&A review applying critical thinking to test taking / Cathy Melfi Curtis, Audra Baker Fegley, Carol Norton Tuzo. 2013 2nd ed.
NRB 221 Psychiatric-mental health nursing / Sheila L. Videbeck ; illustrations by Cathy J. Miller. 2014 6th ed.
NRB 221, NRB 222 Pharmacology : a patient-centered nursing process approach / Joyce LeFever Kee, Evelyn R. Hayes, Linda E. McCuistion, Lisa A. Hollett. 2015 8th edition
NRB 221, NRB 222 Pharmacology : a patient-centered nursing process approach / Joyce LeFever Kee, Evelyn R. Hayes, Linda E. McCuistion. 2015 8 e.
NRB 222 Brunner & Suddarth's textbook of medical-surgical nursing / Janice L. Hinkle, Phd, RN, CNRN, Associate Professor, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, Kerry H. Cheever, PhD, RN, Professor and Chairperson, Department of Nursing, Moravian College, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 2014 Edition 13.
NRB 222 Contemporary nursing : issues, trends, & management / [edited by] Barbara Cherry, Susan R. Jacob. 2014 6th ed.
NRB 222 Foundations of nursing in the community : community-oriented practice / Marcia Stanhope, Jeanette Lancaster. 2014 Fourth edition.
NRB 222 Prioritization, delegation, and assignment : practice exercises for the NCLEX examination / Linda A. LaCharity, Candice K. Kumagai, Barbara Bartz ; with an introduction by Ruth Hansten. 2014 Third edition.
NRB 222 Taylor's video guide to clinical nursing skills [videorecording] / subject matter expert and technical advisor, Pamela Lynn ; director, Irv Levine ; producer, Sherman Ward. 2011 2nd ed.
PED 139 Fit & well : core concepts and labs in physical fitness and wellness / Thomas D. Fahey, Paul M. Insel, Walton T. Roth. 2011 9th ed., alternate ed.
PED 140 Beginning racquetball / Cheryl Norton, James E. Bryant. 2011 7th ed.
PHY 133 Physics for scientists and engineers / Paul A. Tipler, Gene Mosca. 2008 6th ed.
PHY 133 Student solutions manual for Tipler and Mosca's Physics for scientists and engineers, sixth edition / David Mills. 2008
PLS 100 Paralegal careers / Angela Schneeman. 2000
PLS 101 Cite-Checker : a hands-on guide to learning citation form / Deborah E. Bouchoux. 2008 2nd ed.
PLS 101 Finding the law / by Robert C. Berring, Elizabeth A. Edinger. 2005 12th ed.
PLS 101 Manual of style for judicial opinions. 1992
PLS 101 New Jersey paralegal research workbook / Jean Volk, Professor, Department of Accounting and Legal Studies, Middlesex County College, Edison, New Jersey. 2002
PLS 101, PLS 113 Case analysis and fundamentals of legal writing / William P. Statsky, R. John Wernet, Jr. 1995 4th ed.
PLS 101, PLS 113 Legal research and writing for paralegals / Deborah E. Bouchoux. 2009 5th ed.
PLS 101, PLS 121 The bluebook : a uniform system of citation / compiled by the editors of the Columbia law review, the Harvard law review, the University of Pennsylvania law review, and the Yale law journal. 2005 18th ed.
PLS 101, PLS 121 New Jersey legal research handbook. 1984
PLS 104 Real estate closing procedures / written by Christine F. Li. 2008 2008 ed.
PLS 104 Real estate law / Marianne M. Jennings. 2011 9th ed.
PLS 104, PLS 113, PLS 123 Aspen handbook for legal writers : a practical reference / Deborah E. Bouchoux. 2009 [2nd ed.].
PLS 105 Family law : the basic guide to New Jersey divorce, with forms, court rules and statutes, and tax aspects of divorce / written by Mark Gruber ; edited by Natalie L. Moran and Tax aspects of divorce, written by Paul M. Gazaleh. 2008 2008 ed.
PLS 106 Wills, trusts, and estate administration / Dennis R. Hower, Peter T. Kahn. 2008 6th ed.
PLS 109 Criminal law : examples & explanations / Richard G. Singer, John Q. La Fond. 2007 4th ed.
PLS 109 Criminal Procedure : the constitution and the police / Robert M. Bloom, Mark S. Brodin. 2006 5th ed.
PLS 109 Criminal trial preparation / written by Robert J. Kipnees. 2006 2006 ed.
PLS 110 Civil trial preparation / written by Bruce D. Greenberg and Gary K. Wolinetz ; foreword by James M. Havey. 2007 2007 ed.
PLS 110 Fundamentals of litigation for paralegals / Marlene A. Maerowitz, Thomas A. Mauet. 2009 6th ed.
PLS 111 Introduction to the law of contracts / Martin A. Frey, Phyllis Hurley Frey. 2008 4th ed.
PLS 111 Payments law in a nutshell / by Steve H. Nickles, Mary Beth Matthews. 2005
PLS 112 The law of business organizations / John E. Moye. 2005 6th ed.
PLS 112 Organization and sale of small businesses / Raymond W. Felton. 2009 2009 ed.
PLS 113 The legal writing handbook : analysis, research, and writing / Laurel Currie Oates, Anne Enquist. 2006 4th ed.
PLS 113 The legal writing handbook : practice book / Laurel Currie Oates, Anne Enquist. 2002 4th ed.
PLS 113 Legal writing / Steve Barber. 1997 2nd ed.
PLS 121 Computer-aided legal research (CALR) on the Internet / Craig B. Simonsen, Christian R. Anderson [i.e. Andersen]. 2006
POS 121 On democracy / Robert A. Dahl. 1998
PSY 123 Divergent [DVD] 2014
PSY 123 The Hunger Games [DVD] 2012
PSY 123 Psychology : from inquiry to understanding / Scott O. Lilienfeld, Steven Jay Lynn, Laura L. Namy, Nancy J. Woolf. 2014 Third edition.
PSY 222 Social psychology / Elliot Aronson, Timothy D. Wilson, Robin M. Akert. 2013 8th ed.
PSY 223 Children and their development / Robert V. Kail. 2012 6th ed.
PSY 226 Educational psychology / Anita Woolfolk, the Ohio State University. 2013 Twelfth edition.
PSY 232 Exploring lifespan development / Laura E. Berk. 2014 Third edition.
PSY 235 Why kids kill : inside the minds of school shooters / Peter Langman. 2009 1st ed.
PSY 257 Publication manual of the American Psychological Association. 19
PSY 264 Healing the addicted brain : the revolutionary, science-based alcoholism and addiction recovery program / Harold C. Urschel. 2009
RAD 139 Radiation protection in medical radiography / Mary Alice Statkiewicz Sherer, Paula J. Visconti, E. Russell Ritenour, Kelli Welch Haynes. 2014 Seventh edition.
RAD 141 Bontrager's handbook of radiographic positioning and techniques. 2013 8th edition / Bontrager & Lampignamo
RAD 143, RAD 144 Textbook of radiographic positioning and related anatomy / Kenneth L. Bontrager, John P. Lampignano ; new photography by James C. Winters. 2014 8th ed.
RAD 256 Radiography PREP : program review and exam prep / D.A. Saia. 2012 7th ed.
RDG 011 Academic vocabulary : academic words / Amy E. Olsen. 2013 5th ed.
RDG 011 American 24-karat gold : 24 classic American short stories / Yvonne Collioud Sisko ; illustrations by John Seymour and Ted Sisko. 2006 2nd ed.
RDG 011 Bridging the gap : college reading / Brenda D. Smith, Emerita, Georgia State University, LeeAnn Morris, San Jacinto College. 2014 Eleventh edition.
RDG 011 Spotlight on reading. Volume II / Shirley Russak Wachtel, Helena Swanicke, Middlesex County College. 2011
RDG 011 The stories of Eva Luna / Isabel Allende ; translated from the Spanish by Margaret Sayers Peden. 1991
RDG 011 The stories of Eva Luna / Isabel Allende ; translated from the Spanish by Margaret Sayers Peden. 1989
RDG 011 Word power made easy : the complete handbook for building a superior vocabulary / Norman Lewis. 1979 Expanded and completely rev. ed.
RDG 011 The world of words : vocabulary for college success / Margaret Ann Richek. 2008 7th ed., Instructor's annotated ed.
SCI 155 Earth : an introduction to physical geology / Edward J. Tarbuck, Frederick K. Lutgens ; illustrated by Dennis Tasa. 2011 10th ed.
SCI 155 Exercises in physical geology / W. Kenneth Hamblin, James D. Howard. 2005 12th ed.
SOC 121 Experience sociology / David Croteau, William Hoynes. 2013
SOC 121 Our social world : introduction to sociology / Jeanne H. Ballantine, Keith A. Roberts. 2012 3rd ed., media ed.
SOC 225 Juvenile justice in America / Clemens Bartollas, University of Northern Iowa, Stuart J. Miller Washington & Jefferson College. 2014 Seventh edition.
SPA 121, SPA 122 Yo soy asâi workbook / Virgil Blanco, Juan Saborido, Leonard Gallo, Middlesex County College. 2008 Second Edition
SPA 121, SPA 122 Yo soy asâi / Virgil Blanco, Juan Saborido, Leonard Gallo, Middlesex County College. 2008 Second Edition
SSD 101 Student success in college : doing what works! : a custom edition for Middlesex County College, SSD 101 / Christine Harrington ; [contributor, Elaine Weir-Daidone]. 2013 Custom ed.
SSD 101 Student success in college : doing what works! : a research-focused approach / Christine Harrington ; contributor, Elaine Weir-Daidone. 2013 Annotated instructor's ed.
SSD 101 Student success in college : doing what works! : a research-focused approach / Christine Harrington ; contributor, Elaine Weir-Daidone. 2013
Non-Course Bob Miller's math for the Accuplacer : all the math you need for a higher score / by Bob Miller. 2010 Green ed.
Non-Course Doug French's verbal prep for the Accuplacer / by Doug French. 2012
Non-Course MLA handbook for writers of research papers. 1977
Non-Course Study manual for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), version V : reading, mathematics, science, and English and language usage / [editor, Amanda Wolkowitz]. 2010

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