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Festival of Arts & Sciences 2014: Research Resources

This page is devoted to the MCC Library's support for the: 

The Festival of Arts & Sciences 2014 . Theme: Survival & Memory

Tabs above represent  resources we have on some of the many possible topics on this broad theme.  Call our Reference Desk at 732-906-4253 to obtain help on researching any of the specific presentation topics.  A full list of events are posted by the English Department

 BOOKS MENTIONED in the Presentation List for the Festival:

1-      Keynote Address: Richard Smith

·         Web page:

·         Video:

2-      Glenis Redmond, poet

·         Web page:

·         Some of her books of poetry: 

·         Under the Sun: Poems

·         Backbone

·         Word Power: Poetry for Kids of All Ages

·         Monumental

3-      Dramatic Reading of Luigi Capuana’s play “The Interrogation

4-      Books about the expeditions of Sir Ernest Shackleton

·         See e-book, “Leading at the Edge.”

5-      Carl Jung.  Red Book.

6-      Middlesex: A Literary Journal

7-      Unveiled: A One-Woman Play About Muslim Women Post 9/11

·         Web page:

8-      My Mother’s Shoes.  Wachtel, Shirley

9-      A Voice for Justice: Sermons that Prepared a Congregation to Respond to God in the Decade after 9/11.   Seth Kaper-Dale

10-   The Way (film) Emilio Estevez



11-   Hank Kalet.  As an Alien in a Land of Promise (poem)


12-   The Lady in Number 6 (film).  By Alice Herz Sommer


13-   Destiny’s Bridge (documentary film) directed by Jack Ballo