E-books & Ebrary: E-Books at MCC Library

A LibGuide for introducing students to e-books, how to access them, how to use ebrary, etc.

What is an e-book?

E-book stands for "electronic book."  An e-book is just like a regular print book, but in a different format. You can access it at MCC Library or at home from the Library's website.  Two different ways to access: 1) search the library catalog (iBistro) and look for this logo:

2) Or you can go directly to the e-book collections to search within each collection.  The links to each collection can be found below.

E-Book Collections

 ebrary is MCC's largest collection of e-books. Find them in iBistro or search separately @ ebrary.

CREDO E-Reference Books on a wide range of topics.

 ABC-CLIO is a collection of eBooks, mainly pertaining to U.S. History.

Gale Virtual Reference Library has excellent academic REFERENCE books.

Salem Literature e-books: more than 60 books on authors and literary topics. 

Open Library is from Internet Archive - worldwide effort to develop a million, free, e-book lending library. We are a member.



This guide was created by Kelly LaVoice and is now maintained by Chuck Dolan.

Library Catalog Search - iBistro

Searching the library catalog will uncover e-books as well as print books.

Search the Library Catalog



When searching for a book on a topic, you will often see that the library has many relevant e-books in addition to traditional books.  Your results page may look like below.  NOTE: You can limit your search to only e-books by clicking on the 'E-Books' button first, near the top of the screen.


Linking to e-books

Once you click on a result, you will see something that looks like this...

Notice that record lists the following:

Location: ONLINE

Electronic resourcethe link to your e-book will be here

           Simply click on the link to access the e-book!

When you click on the link, you will see a page like the one below. You will see the title, author, and other information about the book, as well as your options for reading it online, downloading it to your computer, and printing pages. Check out how to cite the book as well! Click the blue "Read Online" or "Full Download" buttons on the left to read your book.