Policies and Services: Borrowing & Interlibrary Loan

Borrowing and use guidelines at Middlesex County College Library

Our Consortium (LMxAC)

The MCC Library is a member of LMxAC, a consortium of Middlesex County and other nearby libraries.

Libraries of Middlesex Automation Consortium has 27 public library members and 1 college library (MCC). Borrowing policies @ MCC are affected by the policies of LMxAC and its member libraries. These libraries share an online catalog, and as a current member of the MCC community, you can borrow books from any of LMxAC member library either in-person or via HOLDS requests online.

Borrowing Policies


Who can borrow from the MCC Library (& what is needed)?

  • Currently Enrolled Students: Current Student I.D. with an updated sticker for current or upcoming semester. NOTE: All requests for Student I.D. cards or updated stickers when they were not updated in the previous Spring or Fall semester must be accompanied by a government-issued photo I.D.  Acceptable forms of I.D. include: driver’s license, state photo non-driver identity card, military photo I.D., passport, or high school I.D.
  • Current Staff:Current staff I.D. card with library barcode
  • Active alumni: Alumni card with library barcode
  • Retired faculty: Old I.D. with library barcode
  • Active LMxAC library members:
    • A Current Adult library card in good standing from any LMxAC library.
    • MCC Library does not lend to users with a Juvenile status (child) public library card.
    • The library card must belong to the person using it.
    • Additional ID may be requested in order to prove that the card belongs to the user.
  • Current faculty @ MCASME: Faculty currently employed at the Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Technologies located on the Edison campus of MCC are issued a MCC Library card and have borrowing privileges as MCC Staff.
  • Enrolled in the MCC Affiliate College Program: A student of Felician, Kean, NJCU, or Seton Hall who is enrolled for courses held at MCC Edison will need a printout of their college schedules showing the MCC class.
  • Other NJ college faculty and students: MCC participates in the VALE Reciprocal Borrowing programVisiting user must show a signed VALE form and a valid photo ID.

What can I borrow besides books and DVDs?

  • Mobile devices: Tablet computers and e-readers can be checked out for a 1 week loan at the Circulation desk.  They cannot be renewed.
  • Headphones: May be checked out at the Circulation desk and used for the day, within the Library.  Removing headphones from the Library will be result in fines or disciplinary action. 
  • Reserves: Items selected and provided to us by faculty members.  Must be checked out with a MCC ID.  The faculty member sets the loan period.

How long can I borrow items for?

  • Books:
    • Students, alumni, LMxAC Library Borrowers: 3 weeks, with one renewal period of three weeks.
    • Staff, Faculty, Retired Faculty: 110 days.
  • DVDs:
    • Students and alumni: 14 days.
    • Staff, Faculty, Retired Faculty: 28 days.
    • LMxAC library borrowers: DVDs cannot be borrowed.
  • Tablets:
    • Students, Staff, Faculty, Alumni, Retired Faculty: 7 days
    • LMxAC library borrowers: Tablets cannot be borrowed.
  • Headphones:
    • Students, Staff, Faculty, Alumni, Retired Faculty: Headphones must be returned the same day.
    • LMxAC library borrowers: Headphones cannot be borrowed.
  • Interlibrary loans:
    • All borrowers: determined by owning library; due date will be stamped on ILL slip.
  • Current newspapers, current magazines, bound periodicals:
    • Cannot be borrowed. (Copiers are available).
  • Reserve items:
    • Various: one-hour, same day, and 24-hour loan periods.  Only one-hour loans can be renewed.

(rev. Oct 2014)

Where do I return my borrowed items?

  • Front desk of the Library
  • 'Book drop' slot on the left side of Library doors
  • Drive-up 'book drop' in the handicapped parking lot for the IRC
  • Items borrowed from other LMxAC libraries may be returned to MCC Library or any LMxAC library.

Items returned when the Library is closed will be handled as being returned the last day the Library was previously open.  Tablets, e-readers, and headphones should always be returned at the front desk of the Library, never in a book drop.

How many items may be borrowed?

MCC Library items:

  • Students & alumni: up to 10 items, including up to 4 DVDs (including LMxAC Holds).
  • Staff & retired faculty: up to 25 items, including up to 4 DVDs (including LMxAC Holds).
  • LMxAC library borrowers (from other libraries): up to 5 items when borrowed in person. No DVDs.

Interlibrary loan items:

  • Students: up to 5 items (in addition to regular loans).
  • Staff, faculty: up to 10 items (in addition to regular loans).


Can items be renewed?

  • All library materials except DVDs, tablets, e-readers, and interlibrary loans may be renewed once.
  • DVDs, tablets, and e-readers: No renewals
  • Interlibrary loans: renewals require approval of the owning library - borrowers should request renewal before the due date.

All borrowers are encouraged to renew items online using the “My Account” feature of iBistro.

Circulated items are subject to recall from any patron at the discretion of the library. Recalled items cannot be renewed.

How do I use the Reserve Collection?

  • Students need a current, valid college ID. No other form of identification or collateral will be accepted.
  • Items must be used in the Library building only.
  • Items are charged for one hour.
  • For additional time, return to the front desk to renew for an additional hour.  Two one-hour renewals are allowed, for a total of 3 hours.
  • Overdue fees of $1 per hour will be charged.
  • Reserve items removed from the building will be considered theft and may result in disciplinary action under the MCC Student Code of Conduct.

How do I borrow from other Middlesex County (LMxAC) Libraries?

Online 'Holds'

  • Items found in iBistro but not owned by MCC can be delivered to MCC Library. This is done online by placing a hold on an item. You will be notified by telephone when the item is available to be picked up.
  • Some LMxAC libraries do not permit certain items to be borrowed through the hold system.

In-Person Borrowing from MCC or any LMxAC Middlesex County Library

  • MCC Library patrons may use their current, valid MCC cards in person at any of the libraries whose catalogs are searchable through iBistro.
  • Some libraries may not circulate certain items to patrons from other libraries - please call in advance if you wish to confirm that an item found in iBistro is available and that you are eligible to borrow it.
  • Cardholders must be in good standing in all LMxAC libraries. The lending library may call the home library to confirm the current status.
  • Loan period, conditions and overdue fines are determined by the lending library's policies.
  • Each library, lending and home, may reserve the right to refuse lending privileges to a patron.
  • Materials may be returned to any LMxAC member library.
  • Borrowers may pay for overdue, lost or damaged items at any LMxAC library. Damaged or lost items will include the replacement cost, plus any processing fee that may be assessed by the owning library.
  • Damaged items may be sent to the owning library for damage assessment by the owning library. Lending library staff may contact the owning library to determine how the library wants to handle the replacement or payment. The lending library should use the 'Mark Item Lost' wizard to mark the item lost before returning the item to the owning library. This will add fines and lost charges to the item and will prevent the item from being eligible to fill holds during this period.
  • In the case of materials which the customer says he has returned, but are still on his borrowing record and cannot be found on the library's shelves, the decision to mark the item as 'Claims Returned' will be made by the owning library. The lending library may contact the owning library and work with them on a case-by-case basis. The individual borrower is responsible for payment of bills for unreturned or damaged materials. Unpaid bills will not be sent to the borrower's home library and lending libraries will follow their regular procedures to receive payment for these materials.

How do I obtain books (or articles) not found at MCC or in any local (LMxAC) library?

  • The Library's Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service provides access to materials not owned by MCC Library or obtainable from another LMxAC library. MCC students, faculty, and staff may submit ILL requests.  For more information and links to forms, see ILL Services.