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Middlesex County College Archives

  • Location: The collection is located in a secure area on the lower level of the MCC Library.
  • Mission: The mission of the Archives is to collect and preserve college publications, correspondence, photographs, drawings, sound recordings, video recordings, realia and other materials that document the history of Middlesex County College, its faculty, students and staff.
  • Access: Use of the collection has been limited as it undergoes preservation efforts. If you are interested in using the Archives for your research project, please contact us for an appointment (see below). 

Contact Information

Archival materials may be viewed by appointment only from Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.

Phone inquiries: Reference Desk: 732-906-4253

Mailing address:  Middlesex County College Library/ 2600 Woodbridge Avenue / Edison, New Jersey 08818


Usage Guidelines for the College Archives

Note: The guidelines for the MCC Archives are upheld to protect the collections and ensure their preservation for future researchers.


  • The College Archives is open to all members of the Middlesex County College community, including administrators, faculty, students and alumni, as well as the general public.
  • Archival materials may be viewed by appointment only during these hours: Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.
  • Patrons must register upon their first visit to the archives and sign in for each subsequent visit. Photo identification must be presented upon each visit to the archives.
  • Materials do not circulate and must not be taken from the Archives Room in the Library.
  • Eating, drinking, chewing gum, smoking and using cell phones are prohibited in the Archives Room.
  • Travel bags, backpacks, briefcases and coats must be kept in the designated area within the Archives Room at all times.
  • Upon leaving, personal belongings are subject to inspection.


  • All materials must be handled with care. Ask for help as needed.
  • Only note taking materials may be taken to the user table.
  • Patrons must use a pencil to take notes; pens are prohibited.
  • Do not mark, erase, lean on, write or trace archival materials.
  • Patrons may only look through archival boxes one at a time.
  • Items in boxes, folders and envelopes must be kept in order; the arrangement of materials should be maintained.
  • Researchers must secure written permission from the College’s Institutional Advancement Office to publish, reprint or reproduce materials. Any use or display of archival material must be properly cited. This repository should be cited as “Middlesex County College, College Archives, Edison, New Jersey.” The researcher assumes all responsibility for conforming to libel and copyright laws. Contact Tom Peterson, Director of Marketing Communications, at 732-906-2512 or for help. 

Mission and History of the College Archives

The Middlesex County College Archives was chartered by the MCC Board of Trustees on January 19, 1983. MCC’s Board of Trustees Policy states the following in Policy no. 3.4.0 (Administration Section):

Middlesex County College Archives is the sole and official archival agency of Middlesex County College. Its purpose is to collect, secure, organize, preserve, and provide access to institutional records and other appropriate materials which document the history and activities of Middlesex County College by whatever resources available.

MCC Publications - Print Holdings

The following print holdings are located in the College Archives. Work is underway to organize these collections and post holdings in the Library's online catalog. Holdings vary; not all are currently being published and our collection may not include issues from every year. Stay tuned!                      

Announcement (MCC) 1966
Annual Report 1966
Becoming Writers 1986
Campus Master Plan 1966
Catalog 1967
Middlesex: A Literary Journal 2008
Middlesex Now 2002
Minutes of the Board of Trustees Meetings 1964
Pathfinder 1969
Pegasus 1968
Quo Vadis 1966
Self Study Report (Middle States Commission on Higher Education) 2000

Donation of Materials

As we continue to build our collection, we welcome comments and donation of materials that are relevant to the mission of the College Archives. If you have items of interest, please contact the Library. Items of interest include, but are not limited to:


  • Photographs of Raritan Arsenal from 1914 -1964 especially the "residential area"
  • Materials from Raritan Arsenal, i.e. maps, brochures, newspapers, etc.


  • Materials from Middlesex County Junior College [Perth Amboy or New Brunswick] particularly copies of the "Student Prints" newspaper


  • Posters or flyers of CEJCMC information sessions


  • Filmstrips and slide show used by Board of Trustees to advertise the College (1965)
  • "Application packet " from December 1965
  • National Lead Company publication "The Titanox News" from about November 1966 (Contains an article on Middlesex County College)
  • Freshman "beanie" from early years of the college
  • "Pathfinder" caps from early years of the college
  • Orientation packets (any years)
  • Brochures from 1967 that accompanied the model of the future (1974) campus (The model was displayed in different locations throughout the county)
  • KCUF - underground MCC student newspaper published 1968-1969
  • Sho-Nuff - MCC Afro-Boriqua Club publication of 1972
  • Programs and tickets of MCC student theater, music and dance productions
  • Films of college campus or events from 1965- 1985 (8mm, 16mm or super 8)
  • Student diaries or accounts of MCC college life
  • Materials from MCC sororities and fraternities
  • First campus telephone directory
  • Blue Cult - underground literary magazine first published in February 1986 (Not published under the auspices of Student Activities or any MCC group)